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The Chesapeake Bay Region is home to some of the most abundant, delicious, and responsibly harvested seafood in the country. There are an estimated 17.9 million people who live in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, yet the vast majority don’t have easy access to or are unfamiliar with the varied species of fresh seafood the Bay and Maryland’s Atlantic Coast has to offer and with the storied seafood industry in Maryland as a whole. As a result of this disconnect, in 2015 The Oyster Recovery Partnership founded the Old Line Fish Company (OLFC) as a means to form the Chesapeake Bay region’s first Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

Over the last several years, The Oyster Recovery Partnership has been recycling shell through the Shell Recycling Alliance and talking to many of you in the region. We have seen a growing demand and need by our local community for not only locally sourced oysters but also for fresh seafood. By forming the OLFC, we see this as an opportunity to address not only the demand for fresh seafood but also an opportunity to support our local watermen by assisting them in bringing their local catch to market and in the process help them get more for their seafood.

We are proud to join the growing nationwide network of Community Supported Fisheries and Small scale harvesters who are committed to providing local, healthy, low-impact seafood to support and promote healthy fisheries and the communities that depend on them.

This pilot project is being made possible through the generous donation of the Ratcliffe Foundation.

A variety of species

The Chesapeake Bay region offers dozens of seafood species including many well-known seafood favorites, like rockfish and oysters, but also lots of delicious, lesser known species, like perch, sea bass and even lobster.

Fish Fact

Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay produces roughly 500 million pounds of seafood per year.

Local Fish Types

Check out the dozens of species in the bay.