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The perks of joining

By purchasing your share, you will receive a “season” of fresh, locally harvested seafood. We will be offering only a limited number of shares for this season which will run for 9 weeks from June 29th through August 24th. We will be initially offering bi-weekly pick-ups from the Annapolis area only with all expectations to expand the services and offerings in an around the Baltimore/Washington area on a year round basis.

Over the 9 week period, a sampling of what you can expect is below, however, the contents of each delivery will be determined based on species availability for the given time frame. It will be enough seafood to feed a family of four. Every effort will be made to provide you with a different share every delivery so you can experience a broad sampling of species.

Package A: Blue catfish fillets & shucked oysters
Package B: Black sea bass fillets & soft crabs
Package C: Clams & 1 lb. of crabmeat
Package D: Rockfish fillets & oysters
Package E: Lobster & Dogfish fillets

Learn all the details about becoming a Member below.


Everything you need to know about becoming a member.

Our seafood

Our fish and shellfish is sourced from Maryland's portion of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean and caught in accordance with state and federal  fishing guidelines.


Given most of our seafood comes from a wild fishery, we may encounter times that weather prevents our watermen from providing us with product. Every effort will be made to provide the bi-weekly delivery.


  • Fish will be fresh, filleted and scaled. Filleted fish may contain bones.
  •  Shellfish will be raw and may be in the shell or shucked.
  •  Crabs may be live, steamed, or picked.



  • Both a full share and a half share option are available.
  • Every two weeks, you will receive 3 to 4 or 1 to 2 pounds of seafood, respectively.
  • Depending on availability, we may offer certain seafood items that can be added to your weekly share.

Share composition

  • Your bi-weekly share may consist of filleted finfish, shellfish or other ocean and bay species.  Unlike vegetable and fruit farmed produce, the availability and variety of wild-caught seafood is dependent on a number of factors including seasonality, weather, and fishing location.  When choosing seafood for the weeks' share, we will be selecting product based on what is available and will do our best to diversify the species you receive for the duration of your subscription so you can explore the rich and diverse selection of Maryland seafood. Your package could potentially contain a combination of the following: 2 to 4 oz fish fillets of various species, oysters or clams (shucked or whole),crabs (whole, soft and/or picked) and lobster.


  • Each full share is $225. Each half share is $112.50 You will receive 5 biweekly deliveries for nine weeks.
  • As planned, pickups will be at a central Annapolis location on the following days: **Please check back for upcoming dates**. You will be notified as we get closer to the first pickup.
  • All credit cards are accepted. You will receive an email confirmation of your sign up.
  • You will also receive an OLFC cooler bag with your first delivery. We encourage you to use this cooler with an ice pack every week to keep your shares at the proper temperature  when you pick them up.

Cancellation and returns

By becoming a member of Old Line Fish Company, you are committed to the entire length of time that you signed up for. You will not receive a refund for the share(s) you have purchased. If a circumstance arises that you are no longer able to receive your share, please contact us as oldlinefishco@gmail.com.

Privacy policy

OLFC is committed to protecting your privacy. Information collected by OLFC is used solely for the purpose of billing and shipping your shares as well as providing you information through emails.


Member responsibilities


As a member of the Old Line Fish Company, you are responsible for picking up your bi-weekly share of seafood from your designated pickup location at the designated time frame. You will receive an email reminding you of the time and place of your pickup.

If you CANNOT pick up your share for an upcoming delivery

  • Contact us by email at least three days before the scheduled pick-up date you know you will not be able to use your share (e.g. a vacation).  Please provide us with exact dates and name on the account. If you are unable to pick up your share and having someone else pick it up, please inform us of who will be making the pick up.
  • OLFC has the right to keep any unclaimed shares remaining after the pick-up deadline. No refunds or credits will be offered for missed shares.


Caring for your fish

  • Your fish is handled, stored, and processed at the proper temperature from the moment it was caught until the time you pick it up.
  • Once you receive your share, It is your responsibility to make sure it is properly handled and stored at a temperature below 40 degrees F. OLFC is not responsible for what happens after you pick up your share.
  • We recommend that you transfer your fish from the pickup point into a cooler or cooler bag with an ice pack. Once you get home, follow our storage guidelines for storing your seafood product.


  • Payments are received through a software program called Farmigo. You will create a Farmigo account in which you are able to track,  make payments and modify your subscription to OLFC. Upon sign up, you are committing to five deliveries over a 9week period. and memberships will be paid in full at that time.  It is your responsibility to keep your membership/payment/contact information up to date.
  • If additional items are offered and you wish to add something to your order, the order must be placed before Friday preceding the week that you’d like the product and payment will be applied to your credit card at the time of order.


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