How you benefit

How You Benefit

Our CSF is modeled after other community supported agriculture and community supported fisheries where individuals receive periodic shares of fresh fruits, vegetables or fish for a pre-paid fee. Throughout the season you will receive a share of fresh, high quality seafood every two weeks. By purchasing your share, you also help watermen maintain their livelihood and preserve the cultural and economic vitality of Maryland, the “Old Line” State.

 Our standards

Old Line Fish Company believes in providing you a high quality product – we have established a set of Fishing Guidelines for the seafood we provide to you.

  1. Our seafood is sourced and responsibly harvested from healthy stocks.
  2. Our watermen adhere to state and federal fishing regulations.
  3. Our watermen take care of the resource and minimize the impact of their fishing activities on the environment.
Fish Fact

Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay produces roughly 500 million pounds of seafood per year.

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